Lupus Charity Walk 2023

A contribution in the fight against Lupus, APS,  scleroderma and MCTD

In order to reach our target we are organizing two events: a benefit concert and a sponsored hike of nearly 2510 km.

Het Benefietconcert

The benefit concert: Young talent in collaboration with Lupus Charity Walk 2023, NVLE and NVLE-fund, is scheduled for October 2nd 14.00 at Jan van Besouw in Goirle. THA programme consists of (modern) classical pieces and film music, broken up with a couple of interesting speakers, including:

  • Dr Teng, a doctor specialized in Lupus
  • The chairs from NVLE and NVLE-Fund
  • A patient who will share what it is like to live with Lupus and what they have to deal with on a daily basis
  • The organizers behind the Lupus Charity Walk 2023 will share more about the event and the reason for doing it

The goal of this concert is to raise awareness about Lupus and the Lupus Charity Walk 2023. Of course, we will also be raising funds for our fight against Lupus that will be donated to NVLE-fund.

The hike

The Lupus Charity Walk 2023 is a nearly, 2000 km hike. On March 28 Tonny will start this hike with the intention of finishing it in 94 days. She will have to walk between 22 and 31 km per day, with a few resting days in-between. On June 29, 2023 she walks the final lap the Lupus Charity Walk 2023.

This route was based off the existing E8 hiking trail. Specifically altered for this sponsor hike, the route will start in Killarney Ireland and go through Dublin, Liverpool, Kingston upon Hull, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt to end up in Passau, Germany. 

During the Tonny will be accompanied by a buddy that will be switched out throughout the hike. In the Netherlands she will also not be walking alone as she will receive company from some Lupus patients from the NVLE Regio-Zuid Brabant group.

Our goal is to raise awareness for this disease and raise a minimum of 10,000 euros to go directly to research into better treatment methods. All the raised funds will be donated to NVLE-fund. With this event, we are hoping to relieve the tough battle Lupus patients are fighting every day and make their lives a bit easier. We also want to offer them a more bright perspective of the future. 

During the Lupus Charity Walk 2023 there will be updates on this website and our social media, so you can keep up with us. Make sure to keep an eye out!