Logistical challenges lead to an adjustment of the route

As some of you may know, we have been working tirelessly since October 2021 to organise this hike. We do this with a lot of passion. However, this hasn’t always been easy as organisers and family of someone with Lupus. We care a lot about the work that the NVLE does and want to provide the organisation with the best charity hike that the NVLE and their fund deserve.

Lately we have been running into a lot of logistical barriers trying to organise this hike. Alongside this Tonny broke her leg 2 months ago during an accident. She is currenlty out of the cast and working really hard alongside a physiotherapist to start walking long distances again. It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cut the Ireland portion of this hike. This means that the hik will start later than originally planned, but Tonny will still be walking well over 2000 km. The hike will start March 28th and commences in Liverpool and finishes, as planned in Passau, Germany on June 29th.

As an alternative we are looking into walking a portion of Pieterpad in the Netherlands before the international hike begins.

We want to thank you all for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at our bingo night in Den Bosch on February 27th and at the start of the hike in March.

Team Lupus Charity Walk

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