Lupus Charity Walk 2023

Een bijdrage in de strijd tegen Lupus, APS, sclerodermie en MCTD


In 2002 the NVLE founded NVLE-Fund to which all donations and gifts meant for research are sent. Because the fund has an ANBI number, everything donated to them can be discounted from taxes. 


NVLE-fund’s goal is to support research of which the results are applicable directly, focused on lupus, aps, scleroderma and mixed connective tissue disease, and to support information spread and awareness about these diseases.


NVLE-fund has it’s own board consisting of NVLE members as well as medical experts offered by the medical advice counsel. #The chair of the NVLE is also chair of the NVLE-fund

Research and projects

This fund is only used for research or to encourage research. Projects regarding NVLE diseases are also applicable to this fund. Think of subsidy for specific research, papers or cetrain projects that promote the betterment of treatment methods and awareness of these diseases.